What to look for in a Jigsaw? Making the best use of best jigsaw review online.

Whether you are a carpenter or a common Do-It-Yourself enthusiast, you will always need certain tools for household use. Jigsaw, used for cutting through wood, metal, etc is one of the tools that anyone would find handy. If you are planning to buy one, you may first want to know what all to look for in a jigsaw and make proper use of the best jigsaw review available online to make the right decision.

What is Jigsaw?jigsaw review

Jigsaw is a machine saw with blades used to cut lines on a piece of wood, metal or plastic. A jigsaw comes with various blades of varying lengths, widths and number of teeth. For example, metal jigsaws have anywhere between 21 and 24 blades per inch (BPI).

What to Look for When selecting Jigsaws?

Two main features make the expensive jigsaws worth more money are their variable speed and orbital action. There are many other features that may be important to you. Let us see a few of them. First, the prominent ones.

Orbital Action

Normal and cheap jigsaws have a unidirectional movement pattern – they just move up and down while cutting a surface. This results in the early wear and tear of the blades. To prevent this, orbital action comes into action. In an orbital action, the blade moves slightly forward into the surface while on the upswing and then backward on downstroke when the blade resets for the next stroke. This makes the movement of the blade slightly elliptical. So, the wearing up of the blades is reduced to a considerable extent. Orbital Action is a feature worth investing in if you want the blades to last long.

Variable Speed

While most jigsaws come with a standard, constant speed, high end jigsaws come with variable speeds. This means that you can alter the speed with which the jigsaw works. This may not be that essential for woodworks. They are mostly used while cutting metals as each metal will have to be cut in a different way.

Also, slower cuts are useful while making intricate cuts. If you are deciding whether you want variable speed feature on your jigsaw, first see what will you use the jigsaw for. If it is for both metal and wood or just metal, then it is worth investing some extra cost.

With these two main features in the mind, let us now look into some other features to look for in a jigsaw.

Power of the Motor

Higher the amperage rates, higher is the cutting power. So, always look for jigsaws with motor amperage between 5 and 7, which is the optimal and mostly used power of a jigsaw.

Cut Depth

Usually, jigsaws offer a 2-inch cut on wood and approximately ½ an inch cut on a metal surface. Some jigsaws come with a deeper cutting feature but they would not be so desirable because the blades get cut more easily when the cuts are deeper.

If you happen to have a thick stock to cut, just create a cut line for about 1/8th of an inch and cut it down with an oscillating drum sander.


If you can easily access a power source from your workplace, that is great. But most of the times, jigsaws are mostly used outdoors where power sources are not very easily accessible. Many manufacturers now offer cordless jigsaws that run on batteries to make the work of their customers easier. Again, depending on your need, you may choose to buy a cordless jigsaw.

These were a few tips on choosing jigsaws for purchase which will help you to read the best jigsaw reviews online and make some sense out of them. Make the best use of the resources available to become a pro in the field of jigsaws and carpentry. All the best!!